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Resistance & Release Work

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With Deane Juhan – Author of ‘Jobs Body’

Resistance Release work is a dynamic and interactive approach for the re-coordination of extensive synergistic muscle groups.  For the improvement of strength, ease, increased range of motion and the elimination of chronic restrictions and discomforts.

It is difficult for individuals to free up and re-coordinate restricted movement patterns without actively engaging the muscle groups that have become stuck in habituated patterns and that are causing discomforts and limitations.  This engagement is not simply a matter of “relaxing” but of lengthening some muscle cells, contracting others, more effectively recruiting motor nerves and their motor units for coordinated action, and establishing both increased strength and ease.

Resistance/Release is a process of providing traction and/or compression to muscle groups, asking the client to pull or push against the resistance applied, and guiding them through the process of refining the coordination of their efforts.  The resulting reorganization provides a more evenly distributed action throughout extensive muscle groups and an immediate experience of less effortful and more effective movement.  Restrictions of movement and the discomforts of the resulting strain disappear,  both ranges of motion and the minimization of over-all effort are dramatically enhanced.  Resistance/Release work is designed to re-coordinate our musculature as a whole and to train more efficient and effective recruitments of muscular contractions and lengthenings involved in any position or movement, from feet to head and from sleeve to core. The result is dramatically improved muscular coordination, adding both ease and strength to all physical activities. ˇThis work is a powerful addition to anybodyworker’s previous training and practice.

Deane Juhan may be best known as the author of Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork an essential text on the means, methods, uses, and deeply personal applications of what has come to be known as “bodywork”  First trained in Esalen massage, he developed a private practice and led workshops in massage as well as seminars in anatomy and physiology for bodyworkers. In 1976 he met Dr. Milton Trager, founder of the Trager Institute for Psychophysical Integration, and has been a practitioner and instructor of the TRAGERWork approach ever since. He is on the faculty of the Northern California Trager Institute and has developed a series of workshops in dynamic anatomy and in Trager Bodywork for bodyworkers and therapists of all kinds, which he conducts all over the United States, in Canada and in Europe. http://www.jobsbody.com


17-Mar-2012 - 18-Mar-2012


9:30 am - 6:30 pm




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